My Sort of Thing.

There are several types of photography that I really enjoy. I love sports photography and the way it can capture dramatic moments far better than TV. But I like photos of normal people doing normal things the most. Nothing too staged.

There are a couple of photographers whose style I really like. One of these is the late Henri Cartier-Bresson. Some of his work can be seen here. Another favourite is the late Alfred Eisenstaedt who had a very candid style and spent much of his career working for LIFE magazine. Some of his work can be seen here. A personal favourite from Eisenstaedt  is “the Sailor and the Nurse“. This image was recently recreated by Rankin using a freshly married couple he bumped into while they were posing for photos in Times Square. Lucky them.

*Update Jan 2013. By far my favourite photographer at the moment is Lise Sarfati. I also have a thing for Don McCullin (I’m quite late to realise how good he is, and how long he’s been that good).

I loved the way this grass moved in the wind. One day I’ll work out how to capture it better.



  1. Get lower! steeper angled grass?

  2. Yes, normal people doing normal things, I see a lot of that here, and its a nice change – the 35mm lens will be perfect. But for sports surely a telephoto? Adrian

  3. And right with you re Don McCullin – superb! A

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