About Me and the Blog.


My name is George. I have owned a digital SLR camera for 4 years. I love photography.

[update Jan 2013 – this was meant to be a 365 Project, but young Samuel arrived half way through, so I’ve given myself an extra few months]


Babies – not good for a 365 Project

What this has meant up until now is that I like looking at other peoples photographs. During Christmas 2010 I decided it was about time I made an effort to try and become a bit of a photographer myself. After all, I’ve got the tools. How hard can it be?

I made a list of aims for 2012. You could call them resolutions. The relevant one here is the following:

2. Get more serious about photography. Carry camera all times. Get some material accepted by image libraries. And submit to competitions.

Very occasionally I take a picture I’m happy with. But I want to get a lot better, both technically and artistically. I’m going to use this blog to record the progress I make over this year. I’ll also mention photos that I like, past and present.

For those that are interested. I have a Nikon D40x with the kit 18-55mm lens. I also have a 70-300mm lens. [Jan 2013 update – I also have 35mm prime lens. Its barely off the camera now][March 2013 updated – I recently traded in my D40x for a used D7000].

My kit. I also have a tripod.



  1. I look forward to following your exploits this year, I probably need to do something similar…one day….

  2. What wonderful photographs you have here! I look forward to more 😀

  3. I started my blog (http://hocusphocus.wordpress.com/) with the same attempt to record my improvement as a person with a digital camera. I’ve been doing photography for only like two years, I also try to travel a lot and set assignements for myself. It is not easy at all to do this photography stuff and be kinda good at it.
    Keep up with the good work! 🙂

  4. Hi George – you’ve got some different pictures here, its good to see them! Thanks for stopping by a following my blog, hope you’ll like my pictures! Adrian

  5. Hey George, Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow, hope you enjoyed what you saw, looking forward to seeing more from you, 🙂

  6. Cathy

    Hi George. Thanks for sharing your blog. Like a lot. I came across a Don McCullin exhibition (purely by accident) when I was spending a few days in Bath back in 2010. A real find… and it was free.

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