#223 Trent Sunset

The Trent Building on the University of Nottingham campus.

Pretty this evening.

Trent Building Sunset

Trent Building Sunset


One comment

  1. In response to twitter request, I’d have to say the other one, http://500px.com/photo/23334707. The silhouette on the left needs to be removed from the above which you have done in the second image.

    Personally I’d try…

    Above image.
    A tighter crop keeping the same aspect ration and placing the “door” way in the top left 3rd of the image, cropping just under the bottom of the window frames (make sense?).

    500px.com image
    Again keep the portrait aspect, same ration and crop under the window frames, removing some of the right hand side, the lights a distracting.

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