Training Day

Taking one photo a day is only a part of trying getting better this year.

As a part of improving my technical ability and better understanding my camera I went to “EXPLORE YOUR DSLR/COMPACT SYSTEM CAMERA PART 2”. Details of the course I attended can be found here. This course is run by going digital.

I learnt a huge amount, but my top 3 points were:

  • How to use zoom to alter perspective and get much better shots (making people and objects stand out against backgrounds)
  • Using ISO to control shutter speed (taking better and sharper photos in poor light)
  • Understanding depth of field (getting the bits you want to be in focus in focus)

The only downer on the day was that my hula hoops in the packed lunch I took were stale. Not pleasant.

Working out depth of field

Working out depth of field

The venue was Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, not short of photo opps.

Hardwick Hall country park

Hardwick Hall country park



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