Thirds and Fireworks

Being out of the house so early in the morning has benefits. Fewer people. Less traffic. Nice light. Not having to feed the cat.

Lots of photos started to appear that I wouldn’t normally think about.

The first shows I definitely read too much about the ‘rule of thirds’ composition theory last night.

The rule of thirds

The Rule of Thirds

Then there was a roadside frosty fireworks display.

Frosty firework display

Frosty firework display



  1. Rozbeh Zavari

    Amazing picture, i can feel the coldness… :)… want kind of camera and lens do you use?…

    • georgeerice

      Hello there. I’m using a Nikon D40x. I used the kit 18-55mm lens this morning to take that picture. Set the aperture as wide as it would go and got as close as I could to keep focus. Cheers. George

  2. Rozbeh Zavari

    ahh the enemy, (nikon), im a canon 5d mark ii user, but what a great 18-55 mm lens… Is it the F/2.8 or?… 🙂

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